Partial dentures

Partial dentures are recommended for patients who have teeth in certain regions of the mouth, and it is not possible to make a fixed solution, and they can be:


Acrylate prostheses are made entirely of acrylate, which can be solid, flexible or made of a combination of these two types of acrylates.


They are thin, graceful and least noticeable in the mouth. They are attached to the remaining teeth with the help of hooks or are part of more complex prosthetic solutions that also include porcelain bridges or crowns, and are connected to them through special connections-attachments that are invisible and allow a firm fit and excellent function of the prostheses.

Total dentures

Total mobile prostheses lie on toothless ridges and stand on the principle of a vacuum that the prosthesis forms with the jaw ridge, and the visible part is represented by the teeth in the prosthesis. They, made according to the principles of aesthetics and function in mobile prosthetics, look imperceptible and natural.
However, the feeling of covering part of the oral mucosa with prostheses is not acceptable for everyone, so there are possibilities to shorten the surface of the total prostheses, provided they are attached to 2 or 4 implants.
Every prosthetic production, including mobile prostheses, is made in stages and each working stage is extremely important for a successful end result.

Prosthetic Services

Crowns and Bridges
Crowns are used to completely cover a damaged tooth.
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Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are placed on the front surface of the teeth.
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Dentures are a prosthetic solution when some or all teeth are missing.
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Assessment and Treatment of Bruxism
Bruxism is an oral habit where a patient grinds or clenches their teeth.
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