Why choose comprehensive dental care?

Comprehensive dentistry considers the patient as a whole and never focuses only on teeth.
During the first visit to ETERNA, your dentist will get to know your problem, your wishes and your ideas.

He will then thoroughly check your medical and dental history, paying attention to your current health issues.

The analysis of dental status is completed with an X-ray image that is used to examine surrounding structures as well, including the jaws, sinuses, and masticatory joints.

Every tooth and restoration in your mouth will be thoroughly examined and noted in your file.

At ETERNAdent, we also perform the most complex periodontal examinations, examinations of the gums, the causes of the appearance of periodontal pockets, recessions (recession of the gums) and bleeding from the gums, loss of bone mass and mobility (wobble) of the teeth as part of the complete recording of your dental status.

Your dentist will also analyze your bite, muscles, ligaments, and jaw joints and how they fit and work together.

Then follows an analysis of your smile with the so-called “smile design” where in the study analysis we will take into account your teeth, lips and face. We take photos, impressions and models of your teeth and assess oral hygiene, according to which we suggest appropriate ways and methods of further maintenance.

After the comprehensive examinations, at the next scheduled appointment, you will receive the established diagnosis and treatment options, with the advantages and disadvantages of the various possibilities.

Each patient chooses the treatment plan that suits his needs and possibilities. Together with your dentist at ETERNAdent, you will choose the appropriate treatment strategy and the correct schedule.

The treatment is carried out gradually and in stages, in order to reach the expected goal.

The overall aesthetic reconstruction should be performed on a healthy periodontium (gums and soft tissues) and in a correct bite. When you choose this approach to comprehensive dentistry based on our research and your willingness to share the responsibility, then we will provide you with a healthy mouth and teeth for life.

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