Restorative dentistry

With the use of modern dental materials and the expertise of our team, we are able to create beautiful smiles by simply replacing old fillings with new ones. At ETERNAdent, we use the latest generations of restorative materials that guarantee high aesthetics, transparency, natural appearance, and durability under pressure and strain without compromising the mechanical properties of the material.


The porcelain ones inlays and onlays are high aesthetic alternative for the composite fillings. They have a high pressure resistance and are great solution for lateral big defects . Inlays and onlays restore big damages on the hard dental substance especially in the lateral region where chewing pressure is high . The tooth for inlay and onlay is not additionaly drilled, so a tooth supstance is saved.

They are made from porcelain, the same material used for crowns and bridges, and its color is adapted to a natural teeth color. They are computer designed and made and have exellent bite pressure resistance , durability and estetic.


The new generation of composite fillings boasts great contraction stability, a strong connection to the tooth, and a wide range of color options.

These revolutionary improvements in composite characteristics lead to final restorations with superior aesthetics, strength, and excellent margin closure. The new composite materials have improved characteristics that increase the longevity of the seal. Thermal stability is a key characteristic that enables the material to be resistant to thermal amplitudes present in the oral cavity. The temperature is not constant and can range from minus 5 to 55 degrees Celsius, which is a significant thermal amplitude.

During these thermal changes, the composite contracts and expands, causing micromovements that lead to poor margin closure. Another important characteristic is stability during polymerization, and the new generation composites have excellent stability during contraction.

The use of high-quality glue is another important characteristic for composite seals, providing permanent (long-term) bonding to the tooth. The durability of the seal depends greatly on the quality of the glue, as it determines whether the edges will darken or whether the seal will come off or remain firmly merged with the tooth. Aesthetics are of utmost importance, and therefore, composite systems offering the widest range of colors for aesthetic satisfaction should be used. This is especially important for solving caries on the front teeth, which are prominently visible during a smile, particularly for teeth with dark or rare color shades.

It is recommended to replace fillings after five years, or at the first signs of yielding. If at least one contact surface between the filling and the tooth is darkened or if a piece is broken from the seal or tooth, regardless of the symptoms, the old seal should be replaced with a new one.

Whenever caries is detected between the filling and the tooth, using any identification method (chemical, X-ray, laser, etc.), it is best to change the seal immediately.

It is important not to wait until the seal falls down before taking action, as a micro crack between the tooth and the filling can lead to the development of caries which gradually destroys the tooth and creates a macro crack.

This weakens the tooth wall and makes it more prone to breakage. Another risk is the possibility of developing a disease in the deeper dental tissues, such as the pulp (nerve), which can cause significant defects and infections in the bone around the tooth root. Although strong pains may or may not be present, managing such conditions may require more extensive and expensive therapeutic interventions, and sometimes the only solution is tooth extraction.

A clean tooth does not necessarily mean it cannot get sick. To prevent dental diseases, regular dental checkups at least once a year are recommended.

During these visits, the patient receives a detailed examination and professional oral hygiene, including

a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

Recommendations are also made for any

necessary treatments or fixes.

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