The comprehensive dental care (CDC) training system integrates clinical training across various specialist disciplines of dentistry under the guidance of a clinical mentor. This approach allows dentists to not only focus on specialty-specific treatment but also on addressing the overall treatment needs of the patient. This individualized treatment approach helps refine the abilities, competencies, and skills of dentists, resulting in better patient care.
Through CDC clinical training and curriculum, dentists are prepared to practice general dentistry more effectively, providing the expected primary care dental services. The classification and categorization of the complexity level of treatment for patients is determined by the clinical mentor, who has experience and expertise in general dental practice and serves as the immediate guide for the practitioner.

This approach is necessary to overcome the limitations of the current educational model for doctors of dental medicine, which primarily focuses on knowledge and skills acquisition in specialist departments, often resulting in a lack of clinical judgment and maturity in dentists upon graduation.

Why is this necessary?

The current educational approach for dentists often focuses on specialized knowledge and skills in specific areas of dentistry, which can lead to a lack of clinical judgment and maturity in dentists after graduation.

By incorporating a comprehensive dental care (CDC) clinical training and curriculum, dentists can better prepare for and practice general dentistry, providing the primary care dental services that are expected of them. This approach helps to refine the abilities, competencies, and skills of dentists and provides patients with more coordinated care than traditional specialty clinics. Ultimately, this leads to better patient outcomes and a more effective and efficient dental care system.

Competencies and objectives of the subject program

By acquiring knowledge and training in various specialties of dentistry, clinicians who complete this educational curriculum will have a broad and comprehensive understanding of dental care. This enables them to provide better general dental services to patients, including routine treatments related to different specialties. This foundation also allows them to adopt advanced skills in general dental practice, resulting in a more successful and competent dental practice.


ETERNA recognizes the value of continuous learning and the acquisition of practical skills to gain professional experience, improve employability, and aid in the transition to regular employment. With this philosophy in mind, ETERNA has developed a twelve-week internship program that provides real-world experience, knowledge, and skills in all dental disciplines, administration, and many aspects of daily clinical work.

During 12 weeks, our interns will have the opportunity to acquire:

  • Real professional skills by completing clinical procedures in all areas of dentistry
  • Competitive knowledge from professional dental experts
  • Using the most modern equipment and materials in dentistry
  • Administrative and financial management of a general dental practice
  • Improving individual knowledge, practical skills, confidence and profitability
  • Opportunity for employment.


For a complete and comprehensive approach to the formation of the exit competencies of doctors of dentistry, we recommend an integrated modular training that will be carried out in parallel with the internship. The training includes a package of theoretical presentations and well-designed mentoring practice sessions for each dental area.

Send us your CV with the subject line of your mail containing the words “internship” and “training” to the E-MAIL address eternitas@eternadent.com.mk if:

  • You are a graduated dentist
  • You are not employed and have no work experience
  • You understand, read and speak English very well
  • You have a desire for continuous improvement through teamwork
  • You have a high level of responsibility and a tendency to complete tasks
  • You are not older than 34 years old


02 3091 470 / 078 30 91 47

REGISTRATION NO LATER THAN 01.03.2022/01.10.2022 for the respective cycle.

Spring cycle (March-May)

Autumn cycle (October-December)

*** The registration fee is 1950 euros for all 3 months

It includes training through accredited courses and exercises in clinical settings on models and patients over a period of 3 months.

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