Laser dentistry

The use of the latest laser technology enables innovative methods in dentistry. Laser technology can efficiently treat various dental conditions, including root canal treatment, periodontal disease, teeth whitening, and sensitive teeth.

Laser light can precisely remove caries without the sound and vibration associated with standard rotatory instruments. This treatment is almost painless for most patients.

Some patients have sensitive teeth and they feel pain when consuming cold, hot, sweet and sour foods. Exposed tooth neck, poor marginal adaptation of porcelain crowns or thin enamel are main reasons for teeth sensibility.

Soft tissue can be removed with laser almost without bleeding, because the laser seals the tissue at the same time. This way, stiches are unnecessary, and the anti- inflammatory action of the laser, accelerates the healing as well.

A frenulectomy is a surgical procedure in which the frenum, the small tissue that connects the cheeks, tongue, or lips to the gum area, is clipped or removed.

This procedure can be done for two different types of frenums:

  • Lingual frenulectomy, which removes the frenum that connects the tongue to the gum area and is used as a treatment for ankyloglossia (tongue-tie).
  • Labial frenulectomy, which removes the frenum that connects the upper or lower lip to the gum area.

Some patients are smiling with a so called gummy smile, showing a bigger portion of their gums, causing cosmetic concern. Additional problem may be an uneven or asymmetric line of the gums around the teeth. In these cases, at ETERNAdent we use two wavelengths of powerful lasers (Er:Yag and Nd:Yag by Fotona Fidelis III and Syneron Lite Touch) which are enabling us to painlessly restore the symmetry and cosmetic proportion of white teeth and pink gums, achieving optimal esthetics.

Some individuals naturally have a higher accumulation of melanin (a dark skin pigment) in their gums, causing them to appear darker or even grayish. This can be a cosmetic concern, particularly for those who show their gums when they smile.

At ETERNAdent, we offer a painless solution with the use of the powerful Er:Yag laser. This procedure can remove the pigments in just one visit.

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