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Nikola S. (33) Skopje, Macedonia

I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the professional service received at your dental practice.
I was put at ease from the first appointment to the last one. Thank you for the utmost professional care extended to me during the orthodontic and cosmetic treatment. I am impressed with the incredible attention to detail that resulted in a perfect outcome and a beautiful Lumineers smile.
Big thanks to all at your team. It is a pleasure knowing you.

Scott (49) Washington, DC

Dear Dr. Bundalevska! Thanks for all of your very precise dental work and fastidious care the past few months. I was very glad to be your patient. Your work was top quality, some of the best, if not the “very” best, dental care I have ever experienced. And your equipment seemed comparable, actually just the same, as the equipment of dentists I have visited in the US. Lastly, your assistants were great – they seemed to be able to read your mind.
I recommended you to my international development colleagues with whom I was working in Prishtina. And I have recommended you to friends here in the US. Thanks again!

C.B.M, California, USA

I have gotten multiple dental treatments at ETERNAdent in the past 2 years and would recommend them wholeheartedly! They are the utmost professional team and their clinic is state-of-the-art! With their reasonable pricing and fantastic service, they are a great destination for anyone seeking treatments from dental cleaning to teeth whitening, laser work, fillings and root canals. I particularly recommend Dr. Ana Bundalevska Aleksandrovska, DDS for her high quality of work and patient friendly personality.

Ana P. (40) Skopje, Macedonia

From my birth I had rare teeth with gaps in between, and never got them straight because of irregular wearing of braces. I have enamel erosion, which over the time became a painful problem. Before I’ve got the Lumineers, the surface of my teeth appeared with dark-yellow sensitive stains. My options were to tolerate the progressing teeth erosion and yellowing of the teeth or to accept crowns which require even more tooth structure reduction. I found about the Lumineers, which were designed for people like me who do not want to get irreversible teeth damage with a crown or bridge.
I searched the Internet to figure out what experiences other customers in the U.S. had with Lumineers. People that had teeth like mine,were very satisfied. I was lucky that Lumineers are available in Macedonia.
Eternadent offers high professionalism and excellent attitude towards clients. Dr. Ana Bundalevska is specially trained in the U.S. for fine work like thin Lumineers and is highly capable and very kind person. The procedure for setting the Lumineers is brief and painless, although the preparation of the teeth and waiting for the delivery from the U.S. takes more.
ETERNAdent provided me twelve Lumineers: high investment which only I regret that I haven’t done before. I am thrilled by the performance.
The Lumineers were skillfully and quickly placed by Dr. Ana, did not cause any reaction on my gums. Getting used to them lasted very briefly, and the restriction on eating was small and reasonable. They look like natural teeth, but very beautiful, healthy and straight. Erosion of the enamel is covered with them and stopped. All former irregularities in the matter of direction, shape and size of teeth are repaired with this procedure.
Now, a month after setting the Lumineers not only I got a beautiful smile, but I also got a makeover of the whole face, I finally started smiling relaxed and much more often. . Communication with people drastically improved with the ability to freely open mouth when talking and smile with confidence and ease. Lumineers gave me something I thought is meant only for other people and that I will never have – beautiful smile and healthy teeth. I thank the ETERNA dent team for the excellent service.

Milka G. (64 years) Struga, Macedonia

Everybody told me that periodontal disease is untreatable. In ETERNAdent I was convinced in the opposite. My teeth and gums were painlessly treated and I got a permanent solution for my missing teeth. Now I feel younger, healthier and able to chew with no pain ... I enjoy visiting ETERNA dent for check-ups and maintenance of the teeth, because there is always a warm atmosphere, friendly staff and relaxing music. I learned a lot, because my doctor thoroughly explained my gum condition and advised me how to maintain the achieved health.

Carla M. (42 years), Italy

My family and I have been living in Macedonia for quite a while and have been searching for a proper dental care for ourselves since we've got here. I am happy to say that we found a very high tech, clean and standardized Clinic with very professional doctors. I appreciated their comprehensive approach, the early detection of problems, the technology and also the flexibility. I am a doctor too and I feel highly confident while devoting our dental health to the doctors from ETERNAdent.

Gradimir K. (52 years) , Skopje, Macedonia

I've always been afraid of dentists. Before I my visit at ETERNAdent Center, I haven’t been to the dentist for 8 years. Here I faced a completely different approach to the health of my teeth and mouth in general. I am impressed by the hygiene, always friendly, cheering doctors. This dental team simply has a solution for every dental problem. I received two implants in one visit; I would have never believed that it is completely painless procedure (before, during and after). Later on, my smile was beautifully transformed with the Lumineers. Now I have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Violeta D. (50 years), Skopje, Macedonia

Even though I’ve been regularly visiting the dentist for almost all of my life, probably due to inadequate treatment, I’d lost many of my teeth. I wanted to get fixed dental bridges and although I had no adequate conditions for them, the doctors from ETERNAdent team informed me about implants as a possible solution. I decided to have that intervention because I was impressed by the young and professional team. I got 8 implants a year ago, the intervention lasted about 30 minutes for each implant and was done in two visits. After the numbness went off, despite my fears, I didn’t feel any pain and I had no pain the next day after surgery, nor during the upcoming days.
Now I feel the implants as my own natural teeth, unlike before the feeling is great. I highly recommend this treatment that I’ve got at ETERNAdent to all the patients who need implants.

Trajko A. (45 years), Gevgelija, Macedonia

In ETERNAdent I came upon a recommendation to fix my teeth and see how I can solve the space where I am missing teeth. All the possibilities were thoroughly explained to me by the dentist and I chose to get implants on the missing spots. More than a year ago, I’ve got two implants. The intervention lasted one hour I didn’t experience any pain at all, neither at the day of the surgery, nor during the upcoming days. There wasn’t even swelling, although I thought it would be something natural. The crowns that received feel like natural teeth and I have no problems at all while chewing. At ETERNAdent I got a complete treatment of all my teeth, implants, new bridges, Inlays and all that was necessary for them to be healthy and repaired. Since then I only come for the regular cleanings and check-ups.

E.I. (58 years) Struga, Macedonia

I came to ETERNAdent to get a complete solution for my teeth and smile. I always wanted a beautiful white smile, but only received partial solutions. In this office I found a pleasant ambient, modern technology and professional personnel, which is rare! Here the precision and professionalism are at the first place, and that’s what every patient is looking for.
The most important thing to me is that my wish came true, I got my beautiful white smile and now I know there is a Center that will keep it beautiful and healthy.

Quin Dodd,Alexandria, VA, USA

While on travel, I recently received a much-needed cleaning; cavity filling and whitening at Eternadent in Skopje. I was truly amazed at the quality of this place...beyond even what you would expect in a major US practice/city! Not only were the facilities first rate, but the professionalism and quality of the staff was truly and wonderfully unexpected. Dr. Bundalevska, my dentist, was amazing in all respects. They speak fluent English; their offices are modern and comfortable; and every step of every procedure was carefully and fully explained to me. Plus the price compared to the States was no contest! The next time I’m in that beautiful part of the world, I will absolutely visit again. I recommend Enternadent without hesitation to any American, European or other traveler to Macedonia!