Services and Prices

Services and Prices

Healthy, attractive smile and good oral health mean a healthier, happier you and a higher quality of life !

Unlike restorative dentistry, which just offers single problem solutions, our goal for our patients is healthy teeth for a lifetime.

ETERNAdent offers a conceptual and technological modern resource for early diagnostics, painless and updated treatment options, as well as maintenance of the oral health.

Oral health care provided by highly professional  and organized team of dental professionals lead by Prof. Ana Minovska, an eminent periodontist and an expert in laser dentistry with proven experience.

Therefore, preventive, whole-person care is a key focus of ETERNAdent, and we give you, the patient, the tools and information you need to prevent and respond to oral health issues as they arise. 

·       PAIN-FREE  comprehensive dentistry

·       Highly qualified dental care professionals, with top-level education and training, both here and abroad. 

·       Sophisticated LASER TREATMENT of decay, gum disease, cosmetic gum re-contouring (precise and painless work, faster tissue healing, and no bleeding).

·       ORAL CANCER SCREENING with Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection.

·       ORAL SURGERY &DENTAL IMPLANTS – we use one of the five best implant systems in the world!!!  Secure and successful on long-term.


·       COSMETIC DENTISTRY-Only location in Macedonia to offer LUMINEERS,™ one of the newest and most popular American cosmetic dentistry treatments for No Drilling & No Pain Permanent Veneers.

·       Fast, effective and gentle TEETH WHITENING with zero sensitivity-LUMIBRITE– used in the American EXTREAM MAKEOVER talk show!!!

·       State-of-the-art DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY, with extremely low radiation but amazing resolution.

·       All materials, equipment and procedures utilized at ETERNA dent are bio-stimulating, safe and CE approved.

·       Technology to enable Digital Analyses Of Teeth Roots, finding early-stage problems not identifiable from visual scanning.

·       Standardized Protocol For Infection Control, by ADA (American Dental Association) which means after ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection of the instruments, we autoclave them in special sterilizing bags, which will be opened in front of the patient before the exam.

·       Comprehensive patient information stored in Specialized Software, beginning with the first visit to ETERNA dent. We have a dossier for each patient, including electronic radiographic imaging. 

·       Relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and pleasant, helpful staff.


We take our time to determine your problems, wishes and ideas.

Schedule a free consultation soon and discover how ETERNA dent can give you the smile you’ve always wanted and good oral health for life! 

Don’t just DREAM about a comfortable, pleasant dental visit… EXPERIENCE IT!

Treatment plan and prices

  The patients in our office may chose a different treatment options starting from the best evidence based solution for a certain clinical problem - to the second best and standard dental treatments. Besides the classic treatments, we offer the latest high tech solutions based on laser technology (Er/Yag and Nd/Yag soft and hard tissue laser).
The price frame refers to the complicacy and the scope of the dental work done for a certain case. They usually vary proportionally with the clinical findings at the same patient.
After the initial cleaning and comprehensive dental and periodontal screening, we make an individualized treatment plan for each patient, which includes approximately all the procedures needed to obtain an optimal oral health, the prices of the procedures as well as the time frame.


We accept cash and credit card payments (VISA, MASTER, DINERS, DISCOVERY).Please do not hesitate to ask for details.

Savings and Additional Services

• Free first oral examination and treatment plan
• Free x-rays (digital, small) for the first oral examination
• Free temporary crowns
• Free removal of crowns/bridges
• free wifi/cable interenet access
• organized airport transfer
• mobile phone to call our clinic
• cheap accommodation and great services
• state of the art techniques
• savings of approx. 75 % on all dental treatments

Frequently asked questions

You can save money compared to Western European prices if you have a dental treatment in Macedonia, Skopje. You can combine a dental treatment with pleasant travel.

Our dental works are prepared using high quality materials and up-to date techniques according to European standards. It is the workforce, energy and low living costs what enables us to keep our prices low and affordable, to let you save money.

Macedonian dentists are famous throughout the world for their high qualifications, expertise and practical experience so their credentials are up to par with any of those in western countries. All our dentists are registered with the Macedonian Chamber of Dentists.